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Plugged-in Households Grant Fund

The Plugged-in Households Grant Fund (PiHHs Grant Fund) is an opportunity for not-for-profit housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland to apply for funding to procure the services of a zero emission car club vehicle, for use by their tenants and the wider local community.

More than 280,000 homes in Scotland are part of housing associations and co-operatives. Often tenants of these developments don't have access to private, off-street parking spaces, which means they can't participate in the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) market unless they charge solely off public charge points. 

Eligible housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland can bid for a share of the £700,000 of grant funding available from Energy Saving Trust to procure the services of a zero emission car club service for their tenants and the wider local community. A car club provides shared access to one or more vehicles as an alternative to private car ownership. This provides:

  • affordable access to zero-emission vehicles to households across Scotland, including those without allocated off-street parking.
  • a viable alternative to owning a vehicle for people who only need one occasionally.
  • access to alternative transport options for people who don't have their own vehicle. 
  • an opportunity to experience electric vehicles regardless of income or location.


Application criteria

Each application should meet the following criteria:

  • the application must be for at least one zero emission vehicle.
  • each vehicle should have one allocated and enforced bay within the site.
  • the applicant must apply for grant funding via ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) for the installation of charging infrastructure for this bay.
  • the zero emission vehicle and car club service should be provided by an accredited Car Club operator.
  • all vehicle management should be provided by the Car Club operator.
  • back-office telematics data will be collected and shared by the Car Club operator.
  • the contract with the Car Club operator should last 12 months from the point of vehicle delivery, with the possibility of extension subject to each project’s financial viability and/or available funding.

Application process

 1. PiHHs Application Form - email for Word version
 2. PiHHs Grant Fund - Guidance and Information-v2

The deadline for applications is 4pm on Wednesday 19 December 2018. Please email us for more information about Plugged-in Households.




For any questions about the Plugged-in Households Grant Fund please get in touch by email.

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