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Product description

Technitherm is our cavity wall stabilisation and insulation system which has a 25 year track record of providing improved thermal efficiency and stabilisation to domestic properties. It holds a British Board of Agrement Certificate, number 97/3426 and LABC certification, EWWS598 and is installed by our approved network of installers. Its closed cell structure means it is suitable for use in properties that standard cavity wall insulation wouldnt be including flood risk areas having passed the BREs Flood Resilience Test. Using Technitherm® improves the energy efficiency rating of properties, improving u-values and reducing energy bills due its excellent low thermal conductivity. Technitherm® is suitable for properties located in flood risk areas and/or wind driven rain exposure zones including severe or very severe; stone properties including those with random cavities; those with failed or missing wall-ties; High Rise Buildings or properties with no damp proof courses. Please refer to the BBA certificate for information on the correct installation of this product.  This includes guidance on maintenance, installation alongside flues and appliances, ensuring water resistance, reducing condensation risk, preventing fire and ensuring that installers have the required approval.  



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