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BEAMA Heating Controls

BEAMA Heating Controls: Guide to choosing a Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV

Product description

Thermostatic radiator valves provide individual temperature control in each room where a TRV is located. They prevent the room from overheating and prevent the boiler from heating a room that is already warm. Each TRV will monitor the room temperature and reduce the heat generated by the radiator, so that the room temperature matches the set point. Like a room thermostat, a TRV is focussed on maintaining the internal temperature regardless of how cold it is outside. Unlike a room thermostat, TRVs do not directly turn the boiler off when no heat is required, however they should allow the room thermostat to turn the boiler off more frequently. TRVs usually have a number scale (e.g. 1-6), rather than temperature settings. You may be best starting with the TRV set at the mid-point and over the course of a few days gradually adjust it higher or lower, until the room remains at a comfortable temperature. The following BEAMA Heating Controls members offer a range of heating controls: Danfoss Ltd, Drayton Controls, Honeywell ACS Control Products, Myson Pegler Yorkshire Group Limited, Secure Controls (UK) Ltd, Siemens


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