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BEAMA Heating Controls

BEAMA Heating Controls: Guide to choosing a Room Thermostat

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Whilst the programmer is a master switch that turns the boiler on or off, the room thermostat lets you set how warm you want your home to be. It checks the temperature of the room and operates the boiler to maintain the chosen temperature. If you want your home to stay the same temperature all year, keep the room thermostat at the same setting. Trying to warm the house more quickly by turning up the thermostat doesnt work, although it could result in higher fuel bills. In the winter months the room thermostat will turn the boiler on more often and for longer periods of time to maintain this temperature. You should not have to adjust the room thermostat on cooler days as the focus is on internal temperature. Remember: During off periods set by the programmer, the boiler will not provide heating, even if requested by the room thermostat. The following BEAMA Heating Controls members offer a range of heating controls: Danfoss Ltd                                        Drayton Controls                                             Honeywell ACS Control Products               Myson Pegler Yorkshire Group Limited                Secure Controls (UK) Ltd                              Siemens

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