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BEAMA Heating Controls

BEAMA Heating Controls: Guide to choosing a Programmer

Product description

The programmer tells the boiler when to be turned on or off. You can set it to activate the boiler during different parts of the day and, if you wish, different days of the week. During the times that the boiler is turned on, it will provide you with heating or hot water if requested by other controls, such as a thermostat. If you have a hot water cylinder you should also have the ability to set time control for your hot water, either within the programmer or through a separate timer. Ideally this should allow you to set different on and off times for your hot water compared to your heating.  The programmer often has a boost function, which will let you operate the heating for a short time when it has been turned off.  At the end of the boost period, the boiler will automatically turn itself off. The following BEAMA Heating Controls members offer a range of heating controls: Danfoss Ltd                                        Drayton Controls                                             Honeywell ACS Control Products               Myson Pegler Yorkshire Group Limited                Secure Controls (UK) Ltd                              Siemens

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BEAMA Heating Controls

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