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BEAMA Heating Controls

BEAMA Heating Controls: Guide to choosing a Programmable Room Thermostat

Product description

This control does the job of both a programmer and room thermostat combined. A programmable room thermostat has both time and temperature shown on its display. Like a programmer, it allows you to set on and off times for your boiler, but it also provides overall temperature control during times when the boiler is turned on. When the boiler is turned on, the programmable room thermostat will react to the room temperature and operate the boiler to maintain the desired room temperature. It will also provide hot water during this period, if requested by a cylinder thermostat. The big advantage of this control is that it lets you set different temperatures for different times of the day, which can reduce your energy use and save money. For example, you could set the temperature to 18oC for mornings and early evenings when you are likely to be more active, and to 20oC for late evenings. The following BEAMA Heating Controls members offer a range of heating controls: Danfoss Ltd                                        Drayton Controls                                             Honeywell ACS Control Products               Myson Pegler Yorkshire Group Limited                Secure Controls (UK) Ltd                              Siemens

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BEAMA Heating Controls

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