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Product description

The BPF R187 is constructed using silicon carbide filters. The product is particularly simple and extremely effective, guaranteeing over 97% particulate filtration.
Since the BPF R187 filter does not self-regenerate during normal use on the machine, there are no limitations regarding the temperature of the exhaust gases, so it can be installed in any position in the exhaust line (usually as a terminal unit).
A pressure switch is also supplied with an LED, which indicates when regeneration of the BPF R187 system is required.
The BPF R187 filter allows a continuous operating time of approximately 16-24 hours, regardless of the temperature of the exhaust gas and/or the operating conditions.
It is easy to remove the filtering cartridge using the quick release couplings.
Regeneration is performed using the electric regeneration unit which is supplied with the system, the process takes approximately 5 hours.
Official distributor for UK: Gencat Ltd

This product is certified by the Energy Saving Trust Non Road Mobile Machinery scheme

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