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Developing energy efficient appliances to support global energy access

Developing energy efficient appliances to support global energy access Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

Energy Saving Trust has recently embarked on an international project to increase global access to energy in partnership with CLASP, a not-for-profit international energy efficient appliance and market development organisation.

Clean energy technologies, often paired with home solar systems and renewable mini-grids, make it possible for households and businesses to access life-changing modern energy services for the first time.

The Low-Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) research and innovation programme aims to develop and accelerate the market for highly energy-efficient appliances in developing countries. These appliances will enable a more reliable and efficient energy system and increase global energy access.

The programme will be delivered through the international Efficiency for Access Coalition and involve a range of co-funders and partners.

£18 million of UK aid over five years is supporting the coalition and LEIA programme. It aims to accelerate the availability, efficiency and performance of a range of appliances and related technologies particularly suited to developing countries.

The LEIA initiative will address this opportunity through three main focus areas:

  • Driving market scale in near-to-market off and weak-grid appliance products e.g. refrigerators, solar water pumps and fans, that are in high demand by poor consumers and are relatively close to market readiness.
  • Supporting innovation in horizon appliance technologies from low income markets such as electric cooking and distributed agricultural processing technologies, as well as enabling technologies where breakthroughs would drive gains in multiple appliance segments, e.g. brushless DC motors, advanced insulation and cooling.
  • Improving co-ordination among development sector and industry partners through the coalition.

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