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£400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund

£400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund Wednesday, 30 October, 2019

On 10 September HM Treasury announced the launch of the £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). The fund (initially announced at the 2017 Budget) will catalyse and diversify investment in public chargepoint infrastructure with £200 million from Government to be match funded by private investment. The Fund itself will be managed by a private fund manager Zouk Capital LLP and invested on a commercial basis into public electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK. All decisions made by the Fund will be at arms-length from government and made by Zouk. Further information is available here.

The first investment of the CIIF was confirmed on 10 September as £70 million (£35 million from Government and £35m from Masdar, a private investor). This will fund the installation of 3000 new rapid chargepoints by 2024 more than doubling our current number of rapid chargepoints’