Morn Hill Code level 5 development

Morn Hill newbuild project

We have teamed up with developer Greentithe and AECOM to support the delivery of two new homes that are being built to Code for Sustainable Homes level 5 at Morn Hill near Winchester.

The two single-storey dwellings are 120sqm in size and will be constructed on the site of two existing bungalows. We are working with AECOM to provide technical input to the energy strategy along with ongoing advice for the production of technical specifications for submission to suppliers.

Greentithe is an ambitious small development firm who are seeking to produce exemplar sustainable homes with standards of environmental sustainability and energy performance that go significantly beyond current practice. It is hoped that the designs can be replicated to meet and exceed higher sustainability targets that are planned to come forward in future revisions of policy and regulations.

The design concept has been guided by PassivHaus principles and seeks to reduce energy demand through very high fabric specifications before adding low and zero carbon technologies to reduce the regulated emissions from the dwelling to zero (as required for Code level 5 under the 2008 version of the Code for Sustainable Homes).

Our support has enabled the developer and architect Barrett Lloyd Davis Associates to comprehensively explore the options for delivering Code level 5 and enable them to find a solution that best meets the aspirations for the design of the dwellings and also look at the ways in which to communicate effectively the benefits of living in a highly energy efficient, sustainable home to potential buyers. The technical assistance includes:

  • A technical and financial assessment of the potential options for meeting the energy standards required to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes level 5; reviewing the designs of the dwellings, fabric and energy efficiency measures, ventilation strategies and the application of low and zero carbon technologies;
  • Comparative analysis of alternative solutions, reviewing capital costs, running costs, design implications and operational and maintenance requirements.
  • Assistance with the preparation of technical specifications and identification of suitable products and suppliers;
  • Modelling of the dwellings using the PassivHaus Planning Package to assess the performance of the dwellings against the PassivHaus standard; and
  • A financial assessment of the potential to install both building mounted and standalone PV arrays on the site, looking at the potential profit and rates of return and the potential investment opportunity that this could present to the developer using the feed-in-tariff.

As part of the support for the project, we will be documenting the decision-making process and learnings throughout the assessment of alternative approaches to creating a low carbon development. In doing this, we hope to highlight and provide solutions to the key technical and practical challenges typically faced by smaller developers and design teams in achieving this exemplary energy performance target.

Further updates on this project will appear here.

Find out more about the developer and architect at the Barrett Lloyd Davis Associates website.

Image credits: BLDA Architects and Greentithe


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