HEED Online user guides and documentation

HEED Online is the web reporting portal which allows registered HEED users to produce reports from the HEED database. The HEED team have produced comprehensive guidance to help you get the best information from the system.


Basic user guide 2.0.1

This guide provides a basic overview to getting started with HEED Online - including how to log in, running a new report or map, and where to go for further help.

Download the Basic user guide


Full technical guide 2.0.1

This Guide provides a full overview to HEED and HEED Online - including an overview of the database, a full guide to data sources and how to get the most from reports.

Download Full technical guide


Data interpretation guide 2.0.1

This guide builds on the Basic User and Technical Guides. It gives a more detailed look at interpreting the data provided by HEED Online reports - including interpreting data from different sources, different reports and about specific measures.

Download the Data interpretation guide


Terms of use

All users of HEED Online must comply with the terms of use. All use of HEED data (whether by direct use of HEED Online applications or by use of any reports using HEED data), must comply with the terms of use. All users must familiarise themselves with the terms of use and ensure that they and any colleagues, for example, using HEED reports comply with the terms of use 

Download the Terms of use


How To:


Download reports to Excel format

To download any of the HEED Online reports into an Excel format, please refer to the document below which shows the step by step process to follow:

Download How to download reports to an Excel spreadsheet


HEED Online - Recommended Internet Explorer settings

This document provides advice on Internet Explorer settings which may help avoid a loss of functionality when using HEED Online, most commonly experienced when running reports with an Excel output:

Download the  Recommended Internet Explorer settings document