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The Energy Saving Trust is working directly with microgeneration businesses to increase the resource available to deliver the installations required for the UK’s microgeneration targets. We can guide you through the process that will help you get accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Access new markets under Green Deal and ECO – our certification will prove your quality to private customers and increase your sales potential.

If you run a fleet of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, these sessions with industry experts can help you reduce emissions and cut costs, and keep up to date with green fleet management issues.

Our Local Authority and Housing programme (LA&H) is funded by the Welsh Government to provide support to local authorities and housing associations in accessing external funding. We aim to help you to reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of housing stock in Wales.

We intend to transform the way the UK thinks about energy. Key business influencers and thought leaders are invited to join forces with us, to challenge established wisdom and create new ways of thinking.

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