Getting started

Kick-start your community project with our online tools, designed to help you whatever your community project. You may be aiming to make your community building more energy efficient, trying to bring renewable energy to your community, or just get ideas for making an impact on the carbon footprint in your area.

Project stages

Community carbon footprint calculator

Action planning tool


Project stages  

A community project goes through different stages. Work out where you are now, and you can decide what you should do next, and what resources are available to help you.

Plan – At this stage your group is planning what type of project to do, developing short-term actions and a long-term plan that is tailored to your community.

Do – You will have a clear action plan for what you want to do,  look to get funds for your project, and make it happen.

Review – Once you've completed your project and celebrated your successes, review your action plan and perhaps start planning your next project.

Engage – Throughout your project, you need to get support and maintain it, by communicating your ideas with your group and with the wider community.


Community carbon footprint calculator  

Engage your community by inviting them to measure their carbon emissions. This tool will provide you with an estimate of your overall community footprint.

Go to the Carbon Footprint tool at our project tools subsite.


Action planning tool  

This lets you develop a plan to reduce your community’s overall carbon footprint. Choose the most effective actions and find out how much carbon your community could save. 

Use the Action planning tool at our project tools subsite.

Read or download our guides for step-by-step instructions on running a successful community energy project



The Local Energy Assessment Fund aims to support communities across Wales and England. Although applications for funding are now closed, LEAF still has useful information about seeding community energy action.

Visit the LEAF website.

The Ynni’r Fro Programme provides support and funding to encourage the development of community scale renewable energy schemes across Wales.