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Information for training providers

How does the ecodriving scheme work?

With our ecodriving scheme, driver training suppliers can receive a subsidy of up to £200 (including VAT) per day for delivering fleet ecodriving training. This is a subsidy of £25 per person trained (maximum of eight drivers trained per day). Training providers are entirely free to set the prices they charge their customers.

How do I get my training approved? 

All training must be delivered by DSA registered fleet trainers who have attended one of our “train-the-trainer” courses. The course consists of approximately two hours classroom and two hours on-the-road training. It promotes the use of simple, well-proven techniques such as greater anticipation and early gear changes to reduce fuel consumption.

It is expected that the learning from our course is integrated into the training you provide. 

The course costs £100 per trainer and we ask companies to deduct this cost from the first invoice they submit to us for subsidy payments.

As an Energy Saving Trust approved ecodriving trainer, you will be eligible to use the ecodriving scheme brandmark to promote your training.

How do I participate in the scheme? 

Participating in the scheme couldn’t be simpler:

  • There’s no application process and minimal administration.
  • As long as your fleet trainers have attended one of our training courses, then you can email us to request an allocation of funding. We will reply to confirm the allocation.
  • At the end of each month you submit your invoice and evidence of training, which consists primarily of two MPG results per driver.
  • The subsidy payment, funded by the Department for Transport, is £25 (inc VAT) per person trained. This equates to up to £200 per day if following the short-duration training model (eight drivers per day; just under an hour’s training per person). This model has been used to train approximately 70,000 drivers.
  • Training which is longer in duration, e.g. includes more on safety as well as meeting our ecodriving requirements, is also eligible for funding. This creates flexibility for diversity in the training offered under the scheme.

Useful Information

The following materials are available free of charge for approved ecodriving suppliers:

  • EST Ecodriving Brandmark, which suppliers can add to their own promotional material in accordance with our Ecodriving Brandmark Guidelines.  If you are an approved supplier and don’t already have a copy of the brandmark you can request this from
  • Our Ecodriving Training Leaflet which suppliers can use to promote their ecodriving training.  If you would like a version of this leaflet co-branded with your own company name, logo and contact details, please request this from
  • EST's online certificate generator, which suppliers can use to create PDF certificates for their drivers.  The certificates include calculations of a driver’s potential annual savings based on thei annual mileage and reduction of fuel consumption on the day of training.  If you’re an approved supplier and don’t already have your log-in and password to use this site please contact See here for an example certificate.
  • EST’s scheduling site. This is available for larger bookings, allowing drivers to choose and book their own training slots thereby greatly reducing the admin required for client organisations.

Terms and conditions

EST Ecodriving Scheme Terms and Conditions 2018/19 - including Appendices

EST Ecodriving Terms and Conditions_Appendix 1 - Format of Training & Key Messages, Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

EST Ecodriving Terms and Conditions_Appendix 2 - Format of Training & Key Messages, Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

EST Ecodriving Programme: Spreadsheet for Recording Training Results, Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

EST Ecodriving Programme: Spreadsheet for Recording Training Results, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Next steps

Contact us for more information

To book a place on a 'train-the-trainer' course or to discuss the scheme, email Bob Saynor on or call 020 7222 0101.

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