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Home Energy Scotland

A Scottish Government programme managed by the Energy Saving Trust

We offer free, impartial advice on energy saving, renewable energy, sustainable transport and water waste prevention. Watch our short video to find out more about our services:

How can Home Energy Scotland help?

Get in touch with us for free by calling our friendly advisors on 0808 808 2282 or request a call back. Home Energy Scotland advisors are available on the phone Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

  • Home Energy Check: We can help you save energy and money and make your home warmer. We can offer a free Home Energy Check over the phone to pin-point where you could save energy and money, and we may be able to arrange for an advisor to visit you at home.
  • Renewables: We can help you work out which renewables systems are right for you and your home and tell you about financial support and reputable installers.
  • Travel: We can help you make greener travel choices to save money and carbon, from ebikes to EVs and more.
  • Loans and support: We can tell you if you’re eligible for financial support, benefits, and incentives.  We can help you take control of your energy bills through finding discounted energy rates you might not be aware of.
  • Community Languages: We can translate information about Home Energy Scotland into other languages, braille or audio on request.

If you can't call Home Energy Scotland today:

Look at some simple ways to help increase the comfort of your home and on your energy bills. You will also be doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

Ways to save energy at home

  • Home appliances - from kettles to home entertainment systems, read our advice on choosing the most energy efficient appliances to help you reduce your energy bills
  • Heating and hot water - heating and hot water accounts for over half of what you spend in a year on energy bills. So having an efficient and cost effective heating system is vital
  • Home insulation - your home can lose a quarter of its heat through an uninsulated roof and around a third through an uninsulated wall. So insulating your home can really help to lower your fuel bills.
  • Energy efficient lighting - switching to energy efficient lighting is an easy and cost effective way to save energy. Read our tips.
  • Renewables - interested in generating your own renewable heat or electricity? Find out about how we can help you work out what is right for you and your home 
  • Saving water - the average Scottish household uses around 360 litres of water a day, and around 21% of a household's typical heating bill is from heating the water for showers, baths and hot water from the tap. So saving water, especially hot water, can make a big difference to your home's fuel bills.
  • Smart meters - smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. The UK Government plans for every home and business in the UK to have a smart meter for electricity and gas by the end of 2020.
  • Switching utilities - our tips on switching energy suppliers will help make sure you are getting the best deal from your current energy supplier and can help you save on your bills.

Customer feedback, rewards and recognition

Our customers give us great feedback, and we are thrilled to have been recognised for this. In 2017 and 2016 we were finalists in the UK Customer Experience Awards. These awards recognise and reward outstanding achievement in customer experience across sectors, business disciplines and personnel. And in 2018 we were delighted to win the Best Business Awards' Customer Focus award, for providing a service that puts our customers at the heart of what we do.

Read our case studies and find out how we’ve helped people in Scotland to improve their energy efficiency and standard of living through Home Energy Scotland.

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Our expert advisors are here to help you

Call our friendly Home Energy Scotland advisors. All calls are free and we’re available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Don't worry if you can't call now, request a call back.