Downloading our FuelGood app could improve your driving and help you to save up to £210 each year*

*Based on 8,700 miles per year, typical annual savings of up to £210 per car driver receiving one-to-one training on the tips based within the app. Studies suggest that a typical driver will capture savings of 1-6%, or £20-£110, across the entire year.


The FuelGood app encourages you to think about how you drive and provides helpful tips on how to save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

Using GPS to track your journey, FuelGood provides a summary of distance, time, miles per gallon and emissions  Your driving is then compared to the average driver and tips are provided on how you can improve and save on costs.

Download it now for free on the App Store or Google Play:



  • A new automated vehicle look-up means all you need is your car registration details to access your car details (engine size, age etc)
  • Journey log - all your journeys are saved to allow you to compare results
  • Ten tips to save money on fuel – no excuses to forget how to drive fuel efficiently

Now that you have the technology to become a FuelGood driver, find out more about our fuel efficient FuelGood training sessions.