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FuelGood driver training

FuelGood driver training is the Scottish equivalent of the Ecodriving scheme in England, which provides participants with driving techniques to help them save on fuel costs and to reduce carbon emissions. 12.1% is the average MPG improvement seen on the day of training. Studies suggest that a typical driver will maintain savings of 1-6%, or £20-£110, across the entire year. Over the last 5 years, FuelGood driver training has helped more than 350 organisations (about 12,500 drivers) to save money, reduce their emissions and improve their sustainability and awareness. 

Fuel efficient driver training can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reduced risk of accidents while driving
  • Lower risk of vehicle wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches
  • Opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Who benefits from the FuelGood driver training?

As of 1st April 2017, FuelGood driver training changed from a fully funded to a subsidised programme. Under this new programme, training will be provided to fleet drivers within the private, public and third sector, community groups as well as to individuals in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV). Training is available in both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles (EVs).

   Description  Subsidy Payment
 FuelGood (ICE)  session An approved FuelGood trainer meets the trainees at the appointed location. For organisations the training will usually be held in the workplace area. Each trainee is collected and returned to the premises after a 50-minute training session. £25.00
standard rate
rate for public sector organisations and community groups
 FuelGood (EV)  session Training is delivered in 2-hour, one-to-one driving sessions. Usually the training is held in the trainees' own electric vehicle. Results show that drivers trained achieve an increase in range of up to 20% during this training. £50.00

Transport Scotland provides a subsidy payment towards the cost per driver trained, for a limited period of time. To take advantage of this subsidy you will not need to make any payment to your chosen supplier, as they will receive this money from Energy Saving Trust on behalf of Transport Scotland. You will need to pay for any remaining costs yourself. 

Who supplies the FuelGood driver training?

FuelGood driver training is delivered by Energy Saving Trust approved driver training companies and independent fleet trainers. All FuelGood trainers are DVSA-registered fleet trainers who have attended one of Energy Saving Trust's 'Train-the-Trainer' courses. 

These Energy Saving Trust approved suppliers are eligible for the subsidy payment, provided by Transport Scotland. Please note that applicants need to arrange their FuelGood driver training directly with their chosen supplier and Energy Saving Trust's involvement is solely to offer the subsidy payment on behalf of Transport Scotland.

There is a variety of training available and you can choose a format that suits your needs. Courses vary in terms of their duration, their focus (some purely focus on fuel efficient driving whilst others incorporate other aspects like safety), and the type of training supplier. 

Please find below all Energy Saving Trust approved suppliers. Choose the one which best suits your needs: 

 FuelGood Supplier

 Contact Details

 AA Drive Tech Email
 Auto Global Solutions Ltd Email
 DriveSense Ltd Email
 NFE Group Ltd (Automotional) Email
 Roadwise Driver Training CIC Email

If you have any further questions or if you are a driver training company or an independent fleet trainer looking to become an Energy Saving Trust approved FuelGood supplier, please get in touch by email, and we will provide you with more information on this Scottish programme.

What do previous FuelGood participants think?

  • 92 per cent of drivers trained would recommend FuelGood training to others
  • 85 per cent of drivers trained said FuelGood training has changed the way they drive

Over 350 organisations have participated in the Energy Saving Trust's driver training programme including FTSE 100 companies Carillion and Mitie, as well as 28 Scottish Local Authorities, eight NHS Trusts and 16 universities and colleges. Below is just some of the positive feedback that FuelGood training has received:

“I normally fill up the petrol tank on my 1.4 Estate to the brim and take mileometer reading from trip to give an indication of mileage. Typically I was getting about 10 miles per litre, i.e. about 45 mpg. I filled up yesterday - for a start I got a lot more miles out of one tankful than normal. This equates to over 50mpg, and is the best I have ever seen on this car. If I can continue to get this mpg then we are talking a 10 per cent real life improvement.”  Nigel Holmes CEO, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

"If you do just one thing to reduce your fleet fuel costs, book your drivers onto FuelGood driver training."  William Fairhurst Director, Edinburgh Computer Services

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