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Procurement Guide

Procurement guide for SMEs

Looking to bid for public sector contracts in the energy efficiency and renewables marketplace?

Our procurement guide has been specifically produced to help, installers, assessors, consultants and other suppliers bid for public sector. 

Why was the procurement guide produced?

We received feedback from suppliers that the procurement process was both complex and they found that there was little information and support on offer. 

How can the procurement guide help? 

Produced in partnership with the Supplier Development Programme, it will help you:

  • Learn about or brush up on key topics within procurement
  • Challenge your overall approach to tendering through the use of various exercises
  • Focus on key areas to improve a specific bid
  • Understand the policies and schemes that underpin the energy efficiency and renewables market in Scotland.

How can I access the procurement guide?

Download the procurement guide PDF now. The PDF is editable so you can fill in the exercises within the guide which you can then refer to at a later date.

Webinar recordings

We have also produced some short webinar videos that support the guide.

We’d like to hear from you

If you like the guide and have benefited from using it, or if you have any comments to help us improve it, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at  

Supplier Development Programme