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Home Analytics

Home Analytics Scotland provides essential data on the Scottish housing stock. This data is provided down to the address level and is available to the Scottish Government and local authorities in Scotland to assist them in developing, targeting and delivering policies, schemes and programmes designed to:

  • improve energy efficiency
  • install renewable microgeneration technologies
  • alleviate fuel poverty.

The most recent version of the data is Home Analytics Scotland v3.0. This version differs from the previous release of Home Analytics data (v2.1) in three key ways:

  • The accuracy of the information is greatly improved.
  • The number of data variables available is increased (a full list of variables is presented below).
  • Address level data is no longer presented as a probability, but as a defined prediction.

This enhanced accuracy and the inclusion of additional variables has been made possible by the inclusion of several new underlying datasets, notably Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data. The core datasets that make up Home Analytics v3.0 are:

  • Energy Performance Certificate data
  • Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED) data
  • Energy Saving Trust Home Energy Check (HEC) data
  • Ordnance Survey AddressBase, MasterMap Topography layer and StreetMap data
  • Scotland Gas Networks data
  • Scottish Census data
  • Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) data.

Home Analytics data contains elements of both HEED and HEED+ but is designed to provide a more comprehensive profile of the housing stock, taking into account every address and systematically accounting for skews and biases in the underlying datasets.

What sort of data is available in Home Analytics?

The following data variables are available in Home Analytics v3:

UPRN, Address and Location

Property type

Property tenure

Number of habitable rooms

Main fuel type

Total floor area (m2)

Property age of construction

Number of dwellings within building (blocks of flats)

Boiler efficiency band (A- G)

Wall insulation

Wall construction

Glazing type

Loft insulation

Environmental Impact Rating band (EPC)

Energy Efficiency Rating band (EPC)

Modelled RdSAP CO2emissions (tCO2 per annum)

Modelled RdSAP fuel bill (£ per annum)

Hard to Treat Cavity (HTTC) wall risk

HTTC - Exposure to wind driven rain zone

Distance to nearest gas meter

Listed Building grade

Roof orientation (E, SE, S, SW, W)

Distance to nearest biofuels supplier

Wind speed at 10m above ground level

Solar PV potential output

Garden size

Distance to nearest dwelling

ECO HHCRO eligibility

ECO CSCO eligibility

ECO CSCO Rural eligibility

Likelihood of income deprivation

Fuel bill (percentage of median)

High fuel cost, low income indicator

High fuel cost, low income, vulnerable circumstances indicator


Who can access Home Analytics datasets?

Individuals from any of the following organisations engaged in activities related to the energy efficiency of Scotland's housing stock:

  • Central and Local Government
  • Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)
  • Organisations contracted by any of the above to carry out domestic energy efficiency related projects (provided that an individual from the contracting organisation requests the account on behalf of the commercial organisation).

Because of the restrictions outlined in the agreements for obtaining the data, Home Analytics access it not available to:

  • Individuals from commercial organisations
  • Individuals from organisations intending to use Home Analytics for anything other than activities related to the assessment and improvement of the energy efficiency of the Scottish housing stock.

How do I access Home Analytics datasets?

Home Analytics is accessed securely through the same web portal as HEED. 

Two levels of portal access are available:

  • Reporting access (can run aggregated or address-level reports).
  • GIS access (reporting access plus use of the in-built GIS mapping functionality).

Reports can be downloaded in excel format for further analysis, and maps can be exported for use.

Prospective users of Home Analytics v3.0 are required to sign a Data Sharing Agreement with the Energy Saving Trust before access is granted. The recipient is then responsible for ensuring that use of the data complies with the terms of the Data Sharing Agreement which reflects the restrictions placed on use of the underlying datasets.

For more information, please contact the Energy Saving Trust. Please note that currently only the Scottish Government, Scottish local authorities; and Scottish RSLs are permitted access to Home Analytics v3.0.

Login details are supplied to you when your account has been setup.

Home Analytics user guide and documentation

Comprehensive guidance is available to help you get the best information from the system.

Energy Saving Trust Home Analytics v3.0 Basic User Guide provides a basic overview to getting started with Home Analytics from the HEED Online portal. This includes how to log-in, running a new report or map, and where to go for further help.

View our short video demonstration.


Download the Basic User Guide

Energy Saving Trust has produced a document providing advice on Internet Explorer settings which may help avoid a loss of functionality when using the HEED Online portal, most commonly experienced when running reports with an excel output:

Download the recommended Internet Explorer settings document


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