Cutting travel costs to save you money

Do you feel like you’re spending more and more on fuel, each time you drive your car? If so, why not join the ‘drivingchange’ revolution and reduce your fuel bills on every journey?

Whether you just use the car to nip to the shops, or manage a whole fleet of vehicles for a large organisation, the Energy Saving Trust can help.  

Join thousands of other people saving money on fuel by calling Home Energy Scotland today on 0808 808 2282.

We can make saving money easy by giving you information on fuel-efficient driving, how to get a one-to-one 50 minute FuelGood training session, buying efficient vehicles and tips for making your journeys shorter or using other forms of transport avoiding them altogether. If you want to improve your business, our practical, impartial advice for organisations of all sizes might be just what you need to start freeing up some cash, not to mention help your environmental credentials and improve efficiency.

Try our handy Best in Class tool to find the most energy efficient car in just the style you're looking for.

FuelGood, our new free mobile phone app, is designed to help you track fuel efficiency for each car journey you make. Available on the iTunes app store and Google Play, download it now.

Find out how people in Scotland have benefited from FuelGood Training

Electric vehicles are fast becoming a practical alternative for some fleet applications. We offer a full explanation of the options available, from hybrid to full electric, together with information on current grant schemes and a guide to battery technology.