Affordable Warmth Scheme

Under the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland Affordable Warmth scheme energy efficiency measures are installed and paid for by the energy companies.


What measures are available?

The energy companies may offer different energy efficiency measures ranging from heating to insulation.

Who might qualify:

  • a homeowner
  • the tenant of a private-sector landlord

Households with persons –

  • in receipt of Child Tax Credit (with a relevant income of less than £15860)
  • in receipt of State Pension Credit
  • aged 60 years or over and in receipt of Working Tax Credit (with a relevant income of less than £15860)


on any of the following benefits –

  • income-related employment and support allowance
  • income-based job seeker’s allowance
  • income support or 
  • working tax credit with a relevant income of £15,860 or less


who also -

  • receive the work-related activity or support component of the income-related employment and support allowance;
  • have parental responsibility for a child under the age of 16 or up to their 20th birthday if they are in full-time non-advanced education who ordinarily resides with that member; or
  • are in receipt of certain disability payments, including: child tax credit which includes a disability or severe disability element; a disabled child premium; a disability premium, enhanced disability premium or severe disability premium; or a pensioner premium, higher pensioner premium or enhanced pensioner premium.

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