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We produce topical guides which respond to needs within the marketplace to help keep you and your organisation up to date with the latest fleet policies and strategic advice - a valuable resource for every fleet manager.

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Think before you print - printing uses energy and paper. However, if you do need to print any of our guides, please do the following to reduce the time it will take. Once the pdf is open, select 'File' and 'Print', and then ‘advanced’ options - there should be a 'print as image' check box. The printer will then read the pages as a flat image and not layers, and subsequently print out more quickly.

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Topics included

  Fuel Card guide
  • The benefits of fuel cards
  • How they work
  • How to choose the right one
  Daily rental vehicles for businesses
  • How daily rental vehicles could benefit your organisation
  • Financial considerations
  • Environmental benefits
  • Duty of care and compliance
  • Choosing the right vehicle
  • Managing daily rental
  Green Fleet Management
  • Identifying poorly performing vehicles and drivers
  • The value of considering alternative fuels
  • Monitoring your business mileage
  Mileage management guide
  • Auditing and managing mileage
  • Managing change
  • Potential barriers and how to overcome them
  Company car guide: a guide for drivers
  • Tax considerations
  • Private fuel costs
  • Vehicle specification

Please note that the figures and examples in this guide are correct at the time of publication (December 2013) but may change with forthcoming Budget announcements. 

  A guide to telematics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of telematics systems
  • Potential cost savings
  • Case studies
  Interpreting weight plates for light commercial vehicles
  • Locate and read a weight plate
  • Establish a vehicle's maximum towing weight
  • Safely load items on the roof of a vehicle
  • Calculate maximum axle weights.
  A guide to managing the grey fleet
A guide to reducing grey fleet mileage
  • The grey fleet driver
  • Grey fleet vehicles
  • The journey
  Driving tax savings: how to make company cars less taxing for your clients
  • Aimed at an audience of financial advisors and accountants
  • Company car tax, National Insurance contributions and other financial implications associated with vehicle choice
  • Fuel efficient vehicle choice in the executive and luxury sectors
  • Importance of whole-life cost analysis
  A Fleet Manager's Guide to Ecodriving
  • Ecodriving Techniques
  • The Principles & the Evidence Behind the Techniques
  • The Benefits of Ecodriving
  • Options for promoting Ecodriving
  • Ensuring The Benefits Stick
  • Smarter Driving an Electric Vehicle – Conquering Range Anxiety
  How car clubs can improve your organisation's efficiency
  • How a car club could save your organisation money
  • Comparisons of car clubs with grey fleet and pool vehicles
  • Case studies from the public and private sectors
  Cut business costs through improved van fleet management
  • The business case for managing the van fleet
  • Getting started: setting benchmarks
  • Van choice
  • Van management
  How plug-in vehicles can work for you
  • Types of plug-in vehicles
  • The business case for plug-in vehicles
  • Charging modes and types
  • Practicalities of running plug-in vehicles
  • Plugged in Fleets Initiative (PIFI) and PIFI 100
  Salary Sacrifice schemes for cars
  • What comprises a salary sacrifice scheme for cars?
  • What are the potential benefits for the employer and employees?
  • What are the risks and potential drawbacks?
  • How can you ensure you operate an efficient, tax compliant scheme?
  Carbon Footprinting: a guide for fleet managers
  • Why carbon footprinting is important?
  • What data is required to calculate or estimate your fleet footprint?
  • What to do with the results of that analysis to make your fleet more efficient?

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