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Visit a local home and learn about green technologies and how to reduce your fuel costs.

Pay for energy-saving improvements to your home through savings on your energy bills.

The Warm Homes Fund is a new £50 million pound Scottish Government initiative which aims to provide loan funding for renewable energy projects (including district heating) to support communities in fuel poverty.

Local Energy Scotland

Local Energy Scotland is a consortium made up of the Energy Saving Trust (EST), Changeworks, The Energy Agency, SCARF and The Wise Group. Local Energy Scotland administers and manages the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) with support for delivery from Ricardo-AEA.

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FuelGood, our new free mobile phone app, is designed to help you track fuel efficiency for each car journey you make. Available on the iTunes app store and Google Play, download it now.

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Free help and advice

For clear and impartial advice call HOME ENERGY SCOTLAND free on
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