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Tools and Calculators

Energy Saving Trust tools and calculators offer you the chance to take control of your energy use and make savings in your home. There are also Tools and Calculators available for Scotland.

The Home Energy Check (HEC) tool calculates cost savings based on real information you provide, with a handy report you can keep. Find out how to make effective savings throughout your home today.
Designed to help local community groups, this tool provides home energy advice through the collection of household information and generation of tailored energy saving reports. It adds community-level reporting and enables groups to track their impact, which can be used to illustrate local energy efficiency needs.
Take a tour through our virtual home through our Water Energy Calculator (WEC) and answer quick and easy questions to find out how much water and energy your household uses. Download a bespoke report and start making savings on your energy bills today.
This renewable energy toolkit has been developed to help Welsh community groups take forward the development of renewable energy projects - try it today.