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Efficient driving in electric and low emission vehicles

Knowing how to efficiently drive an ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) can help overcome range anxiety as a potential barrier to ownership, as well as reducing fuel costs and maximising the contribution of battery power. This guide outlines our top tips for efficient driving in your ULEV.

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Best practice guide to ultra low emission vehicles

Energy Saving Trust has produced this guide to ULEVs to assist individuals and organisations when considering whether such vehicles might be suitable for them.

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Monitoring Energy Savings achieved from Insulation Measures installed in Gas Heated Homes in SoP3 Schemes

Energy Efficiency Standards of Performance 2000-2002 (SoP3).
Report by the Energy Saving Trust to Ofgem. Final report: April 2003.

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Community and locally owned renewable energy in Scotland, June 2016

In 2011, the Energy Saving Trust was asked by the Scottish Government to produce a database of all community and locally owned renewable energy installations in Scotland, and to produce a short report on the information it contains. This database is updated annually and this is the sixth iteration of its associated report. The database includes, as far as possible, all installations known to be operating, under construction, or in earlier stages of development as of June 2016.

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