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David Weatherall presenting Energy Saving Trust research

We are committed to discovering new ways of accelerating a move to a sustainable future and are at the forefront of world-renowned research that challenges conventions.

We share much of our research so that the wider public can learn and benefit from it - our reports are available to download as PDFs within the Publications. 

UK:Pulse 2016 Connecting with homeowners: making energy efficiency relevant

Led by the Energy Saving Trust, the UK Pulse survey, conducted by Ipsos MORI, considers consumer attitudes towards energy in the home. This new research looks at how to convince homeowners of the benefits of energy efficiency: when to engage, how to engage and what messages to use.

UK:Pulse 2015 Communicating energy saving messages

Energy Saving Trust has a long history of understanding how consumers interact with energy efficiency in the home. This piece of research investigates the juxtaposition between how businesses approach energy saving messaging and how consumers interact with it.

Energy efficiency: An infrastructure priority

The Energy efficiency: An infrastructure priority research was undertaken by Frontier Economics and shows a programme to make homes energy efficient should be a national infrastructure priority for Government. The research was commissioned by Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice, Energy Bill Revolution, Kingfisher Plc and MIMA – Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association.

UK Pulse 2014

The first of our UK Pulse reports kicks off a series of research on consumer views and action on energy in homes across the UK. Download the report to find out the results of our online survey of more than 2,000 people. 

The heat is on: heat pump field trials (phase 2)

This report reveals that heat pumps are now more important than ever, and can play a significant part in helping the UK reach its carbon emissions reduction targets. Field trials conducted by the Energy Saving Trust examine the comprehensive performance monitoring of the heat pump system, improvements to system performance through design and control, and user behaviour

At home with water

Our research into domestic water use in the UK uncovers the results of our successful online tool, The Water Energy Calculator, used by households to help them understand their water use and identify potential savings. 'At home with water' will enable consumers, business and government to understand how water is used in the home, forecast future trends and help millions of households to save water and money.

At home with water 2

This follow-up to the first report aims to establish an in-depth understanding of water consumption in UK homes.

The focus of this smaller qualitative study was to understand householders’ perceptions of their water use, as well as their priorities and experiences, in order to help identify potential areas for development in water efficiency. 

Powering the nation

This research highlights how much we need to do to reduce our energy use in the UK and work towards a low-carbon future. Not only do we need to use less power, we also need to use power differently and at different times, altering our behaviour to reduce the ‘peak load’ demands on the grid. This will become even more crucial in the next decade, when there's more decentralised and renewable power in the electricity mix, and we need to power the next generation of electric vehicles.

Lit up: An LED lighting field trial

'Lit up' is our field trial report of LED technology. It assesses the installation of LED lighting in communal areas of social housing, such as stairwells and corridors. The report reveals that LEDs can bring better light brightness, colour and distribution, and can offer significant reductions in energy and maintenance costs, particularly in areas where lighting is on for 24 hours a day.

SHIMMER: Smart Homes Integrating Meters Money Energy Research

This report presents a unique system that uses smart meters to help fuel-poor, low-income households to manage their energy consumption and finances more efficiently. Smart home energy management and income maximisation services – such as debt, tax and benefits advice – can help vulnerable households to make financial savings that can run into the thousands, according to the report which has been produced by a London fuel-poverty pilot by a consortium of partners, funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

Trigger points: a convenient truth

How should we promote energy efficiency at home? This research delves into the key trigger points for domestic energy efficiency improvements - the times in the life of a home where energy saving measures can be fitted as part of an existing or planned home improvement project. Based on key insights, technical modelling techniques help to explore the opportunities of a room-by-room approach to upgrading home energy performance. 

Smart Lives

This research uncovers how people engage with smart technologies. The answers in this report show that we must better understand how people feel and react to them before attempting to predict the implications for our smart future.