Community projects

Circle of people in the community
Discover the power of community commitment and take action against climate change together. We are passionate about supporting communities in their energy initiatives and providing practical advice to help encourage more groups to take the first steps.
Installation of solar panels in community energy project
Interested in giving back to your community? Learn about the various ways in which other community energy projects have developed and the positive impact on people's lifestyles and the environment as a result.
Partners of community energy project at site visit
We are committed to encouraging local and community ownership of energy across the UK, and strive to build partnerships between government, businesses and community groups.
Wind turbine and young girl feeling energised
Grants, information and support is available for social enterprises looking to develop their own community-scale renewable energy projects across Wales. Find out more.
Funding and support for community energy
There are opportunities for funding and information resources available to help you kick-start your community energy project. Use our guide to help you explore the options in your nation.