Requesting a HEED Online Account

This page provides information on the eligibility criteria for a HEED Online Account, why access to HEED Online is restricted and how to go about requesting a HEED Online account


Who is eligible for a HEED Online account?

Individuals from any of the following organisations engaged in activities related to the energy efficiency of UK's housing stock:

  • Central and Local Government
  • Not-for-profit organisations 
  • Organisations contracted by any of the above to carry out domestic energy efficiency related projects (provided that an individual from the contracting organisation request the account on behalf of the commercial organisation).
  • Access to data at Local Authority level is available to Universities, Community Groups and Not for Profit Organisations

For further information on levels of access levels please view the 'Access Levels' document.


Who is not eligible for a HEED Online account?

  • Individuals from commercial organisations
  • Individuals from organisations intending to use HEED Online for anything other than activities related to the assessment and improvement of the energy efficiency of the UK's housing stock

Why restrict who can access HEED Online?

  • The agreements entered into to obtain the data in HEED require access to the data to be restricted
  • Obligations exist under the Data Protection Act to restrict access to the data in HEED

How do I get a HEED Online Account?

  • Consider your eligibility
  • Complete the Account Application form, sign it and then return a scanned copy via email to: 
  • Once your completed form is received the account setup process will then be initiated
  • Your login details will be emailed to you when your account has been setup