Grey Fleet Review

Do you know how much your organisation spends on grey fleet expenses? It is estimated that there are approximately four million grey fleet cars in the UK – more than three times the number of company cars. This can have a significant financial impact on your organisation, not to mention environmental and health and safety impacts. But effective management of your grey fleet can help reduce these impacts.

Energy Saving Trust can provide you with a free sustainable transport review which can help highlight the measures and tools available to improve your grey fleet and save your company money.

All you need to do is phone 08000 931 669 and ask to speak to your local transport advisor to access this service. By carrying out a free sustainable transport review we can give recommendations to help your organisation reduce the cost and carbon impact of current transport and travel arrangements, replacing them with new, more efficient alternatives.

Funded by Transport Scotland, the programme has been set up to assist organisations across Scotland including government, businesses and the public sector.

As well as calculating a fleet carbon footprint, our specialist transport advisors can analyse and advise you in the following areas:

  • lower running costs
  • reduce the environmental impact of grey fleet activities
  • enhance corporate social responsibility
  • meet duty of care obligations
  • data  and policy management
  • mileage reduction strategies.

Our fleet advice programmes have proved critical for many organisations in achieving significant cost and carbon savings. Download our most popular case studies below, or see all our case studies in the publications database.

Best practice guidance documents