FuelGood driver training

Training your employees to be more fuel efficient could increase your drivers' MPG by up to 15%, helping your organisation save on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

15% is the average MPG improvement seen on the day of training. Studies suggest that a typical driver will maintain savings of 1-6%, or £20-£110, across the entire year.

Our driver training has helped more than 350 organisations to save money, reduce their emissions and improve the sustainability of their business. It is also a great way for organisations to engage their employees and help them spend less on fuel. Could we help you too?

Why take part in FuelGood driver training?

Driver training delivers a number of benefits to your organisation as well as to your employees. It’s also currently fully funded by Transport Scotland for a limited period.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Based on 8,700 miles per year, typical annual savings of up to £210 per car driver (more for van drivers) should all the tips given in the training be followed.
  • Reduced wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Less accidents - FuelGood encourages drivers to anticipate the road ahead, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

What happens in a session?

Our approved FuelGood driving instructor provides the car and insurance and meets trainees at your workplace. Each trainee is collected and returned to your premises after a 50-minute training session.

For more information about FuelGood training, please contact FuelGood@est.org.uk or download an application form.

FuelGood electric vehicle training

Does your organisation use electric vehicles?

Make sure your drivers are getting the most miles from a single charge by booking them into free, FuelGood EV training.

Training is delivered in 2-hour, one-to-one driving sessions.  Results show that drivers trained achieve up to 20 per cent increase in range during the training.

For more information about FuelGood EV training, please contact FuelGood@est.org.uk or download an application form.

What do previous FuelGood participants think?

  • 92 per cent of drivers trained would recommend FuelGood training to others
  • 93 per cent of drivers trained said FuelGood training has changed the way they drive

Over 350 organisations have participated in the Energy Saving Trust's driver training programme including FTSE 100 companies Carillion and Mitie, as well as 28 Scottish Local Authorities, eight NHS Trusts and 16 universities and colleges. Below is just some of the positive feedback that FuelGood training has received:

“I normally fill up the petrol tank on my 1.4 Estate to the brim and take mileometer reading from trip to give an indication of mileage. Typically I was getting about 10 miles per litre, i.e. about 45 mpg. I filled up yesterday - for a start I got a lot more miles out of one tankful than normal. This equates to over 50mpg, and is the best I have ever seen on this car. If I can continue to get this mpg then we are talking a 10 per cent real life improvement.”

Nigel Holmes, CEO, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

"If you do just one thing to reduce your fleet fuel costs, book your drivers onto FuelGood driver training."

William Fairhurst, Director, Edinburgh Computer Services

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  • Rabbie’s, one of Scotland’s most successful mini-coach tour operators, arranged FuelGood training for 60 per cent of their drivers and reaped the benefits.
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  • Our FuelGood driver training has been helping drivers in the Black Isle towards their goal of cutting one million miles a year from their car use.
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