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Grants and support England

There are a number of schemes available to help with the cost of fitting energy-saving improvements in your home. Find out more below. 

Green Deal

The Green Deal is a government-backed scheme to help you make cost-effective energy saving improvements. Instead of paying for the full cost of the improvements up front, you pay over time through a charge added to your electricity bill.

ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

ECO provides funding from the big six energy suppliers to support energy improvements for people on certain benefits, for those in solid wall properties and for households in the poorest parts of the country.

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)

FITs can provide on-going financial support for people generating electricity from renewable sources such as solar PV and wind.

Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)

EST no longer provides this service. For more information please visit the RHPP archives pages


The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) has now officially closed. Some companies may still be offering free or subsidised loft and cavity wall insulation in some areas, but most schemes are no longer operating.

CERT has now been replaced by the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.

Local authorities

Some local authorities may also provide energy-saving grants or other offers for local residents to install certain energy efficiency measures in their home. Call your local authority to see if there is any help available in your area.