ChargePlace Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland is the initiative behind Scotland’s growing national network of public charge points for electric vehicles (EVs). The majority of public charge points will fully charge most EVs in 4-8 hours. There is also a network of rapid chargers in Scotland, which can charge most EVs from 0 to 80% in 20-30 minutes. Please note however that not all EVs can use rapid chargers – a list of rapid charge compatible vehicles can be found here.

How do I use the public charging network in Scotland?

Check the map below for details on the location, type, status and live availability of charge points:

Charge point map

This map is managed by Charge Your Car on behalf of Transport Scotland. A swipe card or smart phone app is required to access charge points. To obtain a swipe card (at a cost of £20 a year), or to download the free app, visit the Charge Your Car website.  Registering requires a credit card but the majority of charge points in Scotland are currently free to use.

A Type 2 charging lead is required to connect to all public charge points except rapid chargers – as these have tethered leads. Make sure you check that your chosen charging lead is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing. 

How do I install a charge point in my workplace?

There may be funding available to support the cost of installing an electric vehicle charge point at your premises, organisations will be deemed eligible to apply for funding if they can meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Organisations currently operating electric vehicles/have staff members using electric vehicles
  • Organisations able to offer 24/7 public access to their proposed charge point and are in a good location for the public charger network, where a high level of use could be reasonably anticipated
  • Organisations that have a large car park (100+ bays) with significant numbers of staff and visitors who would be able to access the proposed charge point

If funding is available, the level of grant support that an eligible organisation may receive will be determined by the priority it is given by EST, this will be assigned as follows:

High Priority Charge Points

  • Charge points that will directly result in multiple electric vehicles or a single electric vehicle accessible by a wide range of users, being put on Scotland’s roads.
  • Charge points that improve the resilience of the ChargePlace Scotland charge point network by either filling a gap in the network or by adding one or more charge point to an existing, well utilised charge point location to create a charge point hub.

Medium Priority Charge Points

  • Charge points which will directly result in an EV being put on Scotland’s roads.
  • Charge points for hosts involved in an EST programme promoting electromobility such as Switched on Fleets and Switched on @ Work (excluding Local Authorities).

Low Priority Charge Points

  • All other charge points not covered above

For more information on installing electric vehicle charge points at your workplace, and other sustainable transport related services EST can offer, contact your local Transport Advisor on 0800 0931 669