Plug-in vehicle and chargepoint projects

We take a lead role in projects and research which aim to enhance the adoption of plug-in vehicles and improve chargepoint infrastructure across the UK and internationally.


Some of our current projects:

Ultra low emission taxi feasibility studies

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has announced a £20 million fund for local authorities to boost the rollout of ultra low emission taxis across the country. The scheme aims to support authorities with the upfront cost of purpose-built low emission taxis and charging infrastructure. Local authorities are offered with an opportunity to win a part of the £20 million fund to increase the number of plug-in taxis.

With experience in a similar project funded by the Transport for London, we conducted 8 taxi feasibility studies on behalf of local authorities. Each study reviewed the taxi and private hire vehicle usage within local areas, and considered network installation, operation and electricity supply issues. The study provided authorities with an action plan outlining the infrastructure and vehicle support required to move to ultra-low emission taxis and private hire vehicles.

We identified critical success factors for participating authorities, helping to enhance the impact of funding which is awarded.Funding for vehicles and infrastructure will be based on feasibility study recommendations. 

You can find here the 8 cities who received a feasibility study from EST. 

Local authorities who didn't receive a government backed feasibility study were able to submit their bids for a part of the £20 million fund but they had to cover the cost of their own feasibility study.

A government decision on the winning schemes is expected soon.

Further guidance is available from



I-CVUE (Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe) aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by increasing the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in large fleets in urban environments across Europe.

We are taking the lead role in mentoring pan-European fleet operators, offering them free EV usage analysis and project management support. A framework will be created allowing authorities to set up tailored EV incentive programs according to the specific local socio-economic conditions.

If you are a fleet operator, you can benefit from an online tool and mentoring service offered through the I-CVUE project. The tool was launched to help fleets carry out whole life cost calculations to determine whether plug-in vehicles are viable for fleet use. For fleets with operations in the countries covered by the tool, comparisons of vehicle costs in the different territories can be made. You can try the tool here.

Get more information about free EV fleet mentoring from I-CVUE.