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Product Standards

Energy Saving Trust endorsed products

Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the energy or water efficiency of appliances and products – both to save money on utility bills and be environmentally aware.

The Energy Saving Trust’s Endorsed Product Standards offer consumers and businesses clear, trusted information to help inform the decision-making process when buying new appliances and products. That means savings for households, more business for manufacturers and a healthier environment.

What are Endorsed Product Standards?

Products endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust have to meet recommended product and energy performance criteria, agreed by industry. As trusted and independent experts in energy efficiency, the Energy Saving Trust works with manufacturers to establish, through consultation, an industry-wide product performance standard for their product category.

This process typically has two phases: the development of product performance criteria followed by product endorsement.

Benefits to businesses of product endorsement

Customers armed with accurate information that they trust are more likely to act on that advice and, thus, choose an endorsed product with the peace of mind that they will save money on energy bills. Therefore, the benefits to businesses of offering endorsed products include:

  • Listing on the Energy Saving Trust’s online product database.
  • Endorsed Product logo for use on marketing materials and at point-of-sale.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating your products.
  • Increased consumer trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Confirming your commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • And, ultimately, increased product sales.


Products endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust endorses a range of boilers, heating controls, chemical inhibitors for your wet central heating system and energy-saving windows.