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Plug-in vehicles and chargepoints

Plugged-in Fleets Initiative 

Under the Plugged-in Fleets scheme you can apply for a report showing how and where plug-in vehicles may fit into your organisation. The tailored report includes:

  • Whole life cost analysis and a comparison of existing vehicles with appropriate plug-in alternatives.
  • Infrastructure advice.
  • Selected fleets will benefit from in-depth help with implementation when they choose to change to plug-in vehicles.

Private and public sector organisations are both eligible to take part. Places are limited. To find out more email Ian Featherstone, telephone 0207 227 0312 or complete the Plugged-in Fleets application form.

Case studies

  1. Fruit 4 London
    Our newest case study shows how plug-in vans are bearing fruit for this delivery company
  2. City of York Council
    This case study explains why the City of York Council has decided to integrate plug-in vehicles into its fleet.
  3. eConnect Cars
    Find out how the plugged-in fleets initiative helped eConnect Cars grow their fleet sustainably.

Plug-in advice tool

Find out where plug-in vehicles could work within your organisation's fleet with our plug-in advice tool. This online tool is free and simple to use and will produce a report highlighting where plug-in vehicles could help you to cut carbon emissionsa nd fuel costs across your business fleet.

Reports and publications

Charging Ahead report, which reviews the Plugged-in Fleets Initiaitve program 2012-13.

Transport for London chargepoint mapping

Energy Saving Trust is working with Transport for London to determine where new rapid chargepoints for electric vehicles should be located around the city.

Interested parties are invited to apply to help map a network of chargepoints that would encourage fleet managers to switch to plug-in vehicles and save money as a result.

Applications are welcomed from current plugged-in vehicle fleets or those considering switching, which meet the following criteria:

  • Operate a minimum of 10 commercial vehicles, of up to 12.5 tonnes GVW.
  • Operate vehicles partially or wholly within Greater London. Fleets could be based in London or elsewhere, but operate in London.
  • Able to supply telematics or vehicle scheduling data for a minimum of one month (historical or current).

For further information email Fergus Worthy, telephone 0207 654 2613 or complete the chargepoint mapping application form.


To find out about our Scottish services, visit the electric vehicles and charging points grants pages.