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H2 Foam Lite - Floors

Product description

Icynene H2Foam Lite is the ideal solution for insulating under suspended timber floors. The foam is applied to the underside of the floorboards completely sealing properties from draughts coming up from the floor void. Because of its open cell structure the foam allows timbers to breathe naturally ensuring that they do not “sweat”. It is also soft and flexible which means that as the floor expands and contracts the foam will move with it and not detach from the floor boards. The insulation will not sag either meaning that once it’s installed the foam will stay in place maintaining an airtight seal saving energy in your home.

Icynene provide a 25 year warranty for all their products and H2Foam Lite is BBA Certified.

View the BBA Certificate for this product.


Please refer to the BBA certificate for information on the correct installation of this product.  This includes guidance on maintenance, installation alongside flues and appliances, ensuring water resistance, reducing condensation risk, preventing fire and ensuring that installers have the required approval.

This is an Energy Saving Trust Approved product.

Manufacturer: Icynene

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