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Product description

Duratherm ® is our BBA approved (Certificate number 10/4771) and LABC accredited (Certificate number EWS645) closed cell spray foam product. Duratherm® is suitable for installation in a variety of different structures. Insulating pitched roofs where there is a membrane or for insulating flat roofs. Stabilising the condition of pitched roofs where there is no sarking material and overcoming the problem of slipping tiles and slates. Duratherm® can also be used for: • Timber frame walls in domestic and commercial buildings. • Inner face of solid walls. When studded out off the wall Duratherm® will fill the gap and prevent any damp bridge. • Loft conversions. • Metal and asbestos panels in industrial buildings providing insulation • Preventing condensation as well as asbestos encapsulation. Duratherm® seals all gaps when applied, eliminating air leakage therefore offering more effective insulation and improving the energy rating of the property while offering thermal conductivity values as low as 0.025W/mK.

This is an Energy Saving Trust Approved product.

Manufacturer: Isothane

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