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Heating controls

Smart Controls



Product description

HeatingSave replaces your existing heating time-clock or BMS in order to manage your boiler/heating system and reduce energy use. No need to alter the existing plumbing. Works with any fuel - Gas, Oil, Electricity, Solid Fuel and Renewable Energy. Ideal for retrofit and new-builds.

  • Minimises energy consumed by matching building use to the heating/cooling via a heating diary.
  • “Heat loss algorithm” calculates the latest time to apply heat to each heating zone; switching ON as late as possible and OFF early, reaching the required temperature at the required time.
  • Occupancy management for each heating zone to reduce/switch off heating when nobody is around.
  • Boiler outside temperature compensation with user changeable compensation curves.
  • Controls boiler, pumps, valves, immersion heaters, heat pumps and air conditioning units.
  • Intelligently uses boiler residual heat rather than always switching it on.
  • Boiler flow/return temperatures varied to meet the heat demand.
  • Gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Automatic summer control of immersion heaters.
  • Fuel efficient frost protection.
  • Web and mobile software; Heating Patterns and Diary, Email and Text alerts, Manage and Plan energy costs. Graphs and Energy Display. 

This is an Energy Saving Trust Approved product

Manufacturer: Tensor

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