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DFP 58T96 Z UK

Product description

Upgrading to a A++ dishwasher could save you £3 every year when compared to a A+ rated model of the same size.  You'd save enough over a year to buy your weekly street coffee for 3 weeks, saving you time, money and effort so you can focus on things that really matter, like spending time with friends and family while your dishwasher does the hard work.

This is for the Indesit DFP 58T96 Z UK.  Cosed based on EU Energy Label energy consumption and a typical high street coffee of £2.5.  This assumes 280 cycles per year; average electricity price of 14.37p/kWh.  Correct as of July 2017.

These product claims have been Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

Manufacturer: Indesit

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