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Chemical inhibitors

PBA Energy Solutions


Product description

According to its manufacturer, Hydromx uses unique nano thermotechnology to help cut energy bills in domestic and commercial applications, with no detrimental effects on heating system components. When mixed with water in a heating system, Hydromx:

  • Helps improved heating efficiency
  • Helps reduce heating and maintenance bills
  • Protects against:
    • Freezing
    • Corrosion and Calcification
    • Biological hazards and fouling

Hydromx is:

  • For use in commercial or domestic buildings
  • Buildcert and NSF approved
  • Compatible with all leading boiler types
  • Backed by 15 year System Protection, insured by CHUBB
  • Non-invasive and quick to install

This is an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed product.

Manufacturer: PBA Energy Solutions

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