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Chemical inhibitors


BM1 Inhibitor 500ml BC994 1211

Product description

The BM1 maintains heating efficiency by preventing scale formulation and metal corrosion, without any detrimental effects upon plastic or rubber plumbing components such as seals.

The Borate/Phosphate free BM1 formula provides heating system protection with none of the adverse effects associated with traditional protection products.

  • Maintains heating efficiency
  • Compatible with all leading boiler types (including aluminium heat exchangers)
  • Prevents radiator cold spots and boiler damage
  • Phosphate and Borate free formula
  • Nitrate/EDTA free formula – prevents metal corrosion
  • Build Cert approved (complies with Part L of the Building Regulations)
  • Ideal for sealed or vented systems
  • For use in accordance with BS7593:2006
  • A single 500ml bottle treats a 100 litre system
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Use in conjunction with a Boilermag magnetic filter
  • Chemical Inhibitor BC 994/1211

This is an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product

Manufacturer: Eclipse

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