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Energy modelling services

Making intelligent business decisions is rarely straightforward and the process must be underpinned by sound data and sector modelling techniques. The Energy Saving Trust has assembled a world-class team of experts in modelling, distribution networks, energy data and building fabric to help businesses identify solutions to their most challenging problems.

What data is used?

  • Technology field trials.
  • Energy Saving Trust’s building performance platform (EMBED).
  • Energy Saving Trust’s Home Analytics and Dynamic Engine services.


What are the benefits of modelling for your business?

Energy Saving Trust uses data to provide scenarios for the future impacts of technology use and energy demand in large or small-scale projects. This service will be of interest to the UK supply and distribution network including DNOs, transmission operators, energy suppliers, and policy makers/regulators.

Benefits of using Energy Saving Trust business modelling service include the following:

  • Tailored, independent, peer-reviewed insight into complex energy issues.
  • We help enable businesses to develop highly credible business plans.
  • Informing decisions about key investments.


The benefits to your business:

  • Your decisions will be based upon the most accurate and reliable datasets.
  • You will be able to direct your business plan and investments toward the most relevant opportunities with highest ROI.
  • You will be able to meet your obligations to the regulators at lowest cost.

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