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EMBED building performance platform

Energy Saving Trust’s EMBED hub is an interactive online resource of building energy performance data, collated from energy monitoring field trials and various other studies.

What does EMBED offer?

  • A single place to store and organise project information, documents and data.
  • In-depth monitoring data from past and current trials in a standard format.
  • Search and filter options for similar buildings and quick visualisation of large data sets.
  • Easy data sharing with other users for collaboration and dissemination.
  • Options to keep sensitive information and documents private and secure from other users.
  • A web API to extract data for your own online tools.
  • Secure online transfer of live monitoring data from any device using the Energy Saving Trust's open data format.

Next steps

Find out more

Get in touch to find out how EMBED can work for you or to get involved. To discuss its features, functionality and potential in greater detail, call us on 0207 222 0101.

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