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Energy and water efficiency at home Christmas shopping saving money

Brits are still paying for Christmas 2015: Tips to avoid festive financial folly

Sometimes, a Christmas hangover can be more than the effect of a few sherries. The financial effects can be felt until at least when the next year's festivities come around. Our new survey suggests that a quarter of Brits financed Christmas with credit, so given we collectively splurged £40bn on...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Fri, 27/01/2017 - 11:16



Energy and water efficiency at home Big Energy Saving Week saving money

Get a better energy deal: switch off energy autopilot

We hate to break it to you—but if you think you're on the cheapest energy tariff, chances are you're probably wrong. Our Big Energy Saving Week survey has revealed that 60 per cent of Brits reckon what we've got it as good as it gets when it comes to the tariff we're on. But last year, over 13...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Thu, 27/10/2016 - 15:38



First-time buyers saving money draught proofing warmer homes

First-time buyers: why it pays to go green (Part 2)

Many of us take a first step on the housing ladder with a ‘fixer-upper’ – the sort of property that raises a few questions about how you will keep warm as winter sets in and might even have you wondering why you bought a house with so many charming original features. Heat loss is likely to be your...

Submitted by Richard Kay on Mon, 05/10/2015 - 09:16