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Research ranks renewable performance

In spite of occasionally nervous rhetoric from the green energy industry in the UK, growth in renewables is unquestionably happening at some pace - 34 per cent in the last year, in fact. The study which offers this notable headline stat is by accountants PwC, who rank the UK second in the world...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Wed, 24/09/2014 - 08:45



Products and technology Green strategy and politics Ernst & Young green investment legislation renewable energy Renewable heat solar PV wind energy

Nations strive to thrive in renewables league

Is attractiveness in the eye of the beholder? Not according to Ernst & Young, at least in the field of renewable energy. The accountants have just released their latest ‘renewable energy attractiveness index’ which looks at some very defined characteristics of what offers promise for renewable...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Fri, 22/03/2013 - 08:30