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Get a better energy deal: switch off energy autopilot

We hate to break it to you—but if you think you're on the cheapest energy tariff, chances are you're probably wrong. 

Our Big Energy Saving Week survey has revealed that 60 per cent of Brits reckon what we've got it as good as it gets when it comes to the tariff we're on. But last year, over 13 million of us missed out on big savings because we didn't switch energy supplier. 

Getting our switch on

Are we a nation prone to stolidly sticking around? Not so much. We are switchers where other services are concerned, with nearly a quarter changing home insurer at least four times in the last decade. 

It's not like we have that much regard for our energy suppliers and their intentions, either. Just 30 per cent think that energy suppliers are making much of an effort to encourage us to stay with them. 


Be as fluid as energy prices

Philip Sellwood Energy Saving Trust CEOEnergy prices shift with everything from world markets to domestic competition, and companies are offering new deals all the time, so it stands to reason that getting wise to where you can find some advantage in the market might be a good idea. Energy Saving Trust CEO Philip Sellwood (pictured) drives the point home. He said: 

“Many bill payers are missing out on substantial annual savings because they assume they are on the best tariff without actually checking. Prices fluctuate every year, so by not switching and being on ‘Energy Autopilot’, consumers may be sleepwalking towards having less money.” 

Too true. And we're not talking pennies in potential savings here. Ofgem figures show that switching can save around £300 a year, so it really does seem high time that those on energy autopilot grabbed on to the wheel. 

Making with even less fuss

It's all a big hassle though, right? Not so. 

One of our two partners this week, Citizens Advice, has launched a free, easy-to-use online price comparison tool for energy suppliers, so you can easily see just how far short of top value you're getting – or, if you're one of the lucky few, be smug in the knowledge that you're doing just fine, thanks. 

Either way, it's more than worth a click. Plus you can find more ways to save, just in time for winter, by visiting Citizens Advice's Big Energy Saving Week campaign content.

Discover more blogs about energy efficiency at home, and take a look at our energy saving quick wins. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or tweet @EnergySvgTrust.

Gary Hartley is Energy Saving Trust's expert blogger. He has extensive experience researching and writing on a number of topics, with particular expertise in sustainable energy, policy, literature and sport. As well as providing regular blog content, Gary has also been published in numerous magazines and journals.

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