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Energy Saving Trust register: 1000 ways to manage home energy efficiency

1000 energy efficient products registered by Energy Saving Trust

•   Home heating still a concern during warm weather
•   A thousand products on EST register - and counting
•   Industry needs to plan for winter now

Britain may be experiencing a heatwave right now, but for manufacturers of heating and insulation products, it's the time to be planning for winter.

The market is there. Our UK Pulse survey has shown that 92 per cent of householders struggling to heat their rooms are considering new home insulation or a boiler replacement. It's clear that a few sunny days aren't going to stop people worrying about the longer-term issue of experiencing cold, damp and discomfort in their homes.

The public's heating needs are certainly varied. While there are a lot of basics still to tackle, with a fifth of homes lacking a thermostat, timer or radiator valves, there's also interest in the next wave of products. Just under half of respondents showed interest in intelligent thermostats, reflecting a digital-savvy generation looking to take control with the help of technology wherever possible. 

Trusted products vital

For consumers and professionals alike, knowing where to go for products that really deliver increased comfort and energy bill savings is all-important. The Energy Saving Trust's independent list of products has just made its 1000th registration, staking a claim as the place to visit for retailers, builders and other professionals. 

Elaine Berry, Energy Saving Trust’s Client Relationship Manager said: “Trust repeatedly comes up as one of the major reasons as to why a consumer will invest in a product. Currently, only 23 per cent of businesses that sell energy saving consumer products get their products independently verified – but householders are 60-70 per cent more likely to want goods with a logo, kite-mark or endorsement relating to energy saving from an independent organisation.”

Joining up the market

A problem, some solutions and a place to go – an ideal mix to help join up householders and industry in tackling the UK's leaky homes. Products registered by the Energy Saving Trust are visible to 6,200 monthly website visitors as well as being highlighted to connected relevant trades.

Berry said: “For many, negotiating the many and varied products available to heat or insulate your home can be a minefield. Registering your product with Energy Saving Trust provides reassurance on standards for these products, which can then be used by manufacturers in promotional material to reaffirm this status. This makes it easy for potential buyers or procurement managers to choose the right products that householders will trust.”

Success requires forward planning

Meeting legislative requirements is another driver for tradespeople to seek independent guidance on what products are going to help hit specific standards – and the savvy professional will no doubt be eyeing up their key kit for winter-proofing right now. This should nudge manufacturers of heating products to think about their approach in the run up to the seasons with greatest need. Berry adds:

“While we might be coming into warmer weather, now is the ideal time to start planning marketing campaigns for when the colder spells return.”

Find out more about the Energy Saving Trust product register by signing up for bulletin updates or emailing our certification team. Share your thoughts with us below or tweet us at @energysvgtrust.

Gary Hartley is Energy Saving Trust's expert blogger. He has extensive experience researching and writing on a number of topics, with particular expertise in sustainable energy, policy, literature and sport. As well as providing regular blog content, Gary has also been published in numerous magazines and journals.

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