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Energy efficiency and the General Election (2)

With the UK General election less than two months away it is worth looking at what it may hold for energy efficiency policy, the different records and policies of each party and the potential forms the new government might take.

Today we look at Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats.


Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have largely led the way on energy efficiency and low emission vehicles in government, and DECC is one of few departments where a Lib Dem is Secretary of State. Chris Huhne and his successor Ed Davey have overseen many innovative new policies such as the Green Deal, ECO and the RHI. Nick Clegg has also fronted a campaign to boost the uptake of electric vehicles with a £500 million investment package.

For the next Parliament the Lib Dems have committed to “five green laws” including a Heating and Energy Efficiency Bill to boost domestic energy efficiency through a programme of investment and tax incentives for those willing to upgrade. It will also include new powers for the Green Investment Bank to raise and spend funds. The party has made these policies a “red line” for any negotiations and will likely press for their inclusion in any post-election agreement.

Next time, we’ll look at Labour’s pledges and policies. 

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