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Energy efficiency and the General Election

With the UK General Election less than two months away it is worth taking a look at what it may hold for energy efficiency policy, the different records and policies of each party and the potential forms the new government might take.

Today we look at David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

The Conservatives

While sharing DECC with Ed Davey and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives have worked with their colleagues on implementing various energy efficiency programmes. ECO and the Green Deal were originally Conservative policies in 2010 and the party has managed to maintain its backing for them. The £2 billion spent on improving air quality along with the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone for London also indicates that the party remains committed to green transport.

They have also overseen important energy efficiency policies such as the new energy efficiency regulations for private rented homes.

Despite these successes there is a feeling in the energy efficiency sector that more could be done: that the Green Deal could have been more successful and the new regulations could have been made stronger.

The PM’s recent signing of the Valentine’s Day Green Alliance pledge to maintain support for the 2008 climate targets indicates that the party leadership still sees a future for green thinking.

The Lib Dems will be covered in our next blog.

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