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The big blogs of 2013

Last year we counted down a top ten based on views alone. This year, here is a selection of blogs highlighting key moments of the past year.


District energy: the quiet revolution?

Bringing energy sources closer to home is something that is coming onto many people’s radar, whether they’re taking action as a community or getting involved in a council scheme. There have been a few new and exciting community energy schemes started in 2013, but this story looks at the recent history of district energy in the UK.


Micro-wind picking up again?

Domestic wind power is always an issue that inspires passions. We looked at the promise the new ‘urbine’ from Ecotricity offers to the market.


Assume nothing when it comes to cavity wall insulation

Assumptions on energy efficiency based on incomplete data are a significant obstacle to retrofitting homes, and reducing carbon emissions and bills. This is something we’re trying to do something about.


Landlords lagging behind may say ‘bye’ to let

Getting private landlords into energy efficiency is a major challenge in tackling the UK’s leaky housing stock. It’s also clearly an issue that many people are passionate about.


Andrew Tucker is at home with water

Our At Home with Water report made a big splash – pardon the pun – in July, and was followed up with this interview with our in-house water expert, where he discusses efficiency tips and the future of water in the UK.


Deep heat: heat pump trial reaches completion

We reported on the results of taking a deeper look at heat pump performance for a fuller picture of the future of this emerging domestic technology. The conclusion of the trial had been eagerly anticipated, and naturally, interesting debate ensued.


Leafy learners: driving tuition goes electric

We were in conversation with Paul Tomlin, the first driving tutor in the UK to use a fully electric vehicle. He takes on some commonly-held myths, and regales us about some difficulties – not least getting the dual controls put in.

Plenty to catch up on if you missed any the first time around. If you think of any energy saving issues you’d like featured in January or beyond, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the blog team.  

Gary Hartley is Energy Saving Trust's expert blogger. He has extensive experience researching and writing on a number of topics, with particular expertise in sustainable energy, policy, literature and sport. As well as providing regular blog content, Gary has also been published in numerous magazines and journals.

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